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Caring for uPVC Windows: Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

If you’re interested in how you can keep your uPVC windows in the best condition, then this article is for you. uPVC is extremely easy to clean and care for, so there’s very little upkeep needed. However, that’s not to say that dirt doesn’t build up over time, especially with the type of weather found in the UK. In this article we’ll discuss ways that you can clean and maintain everything from the glass to the hinges as well as giving you tips on how you can keep your uPVC windows cleaner for longer.

How to Clean uPVC Windows

There are a couple of different ways that you can clean the glass in your uPVC windows. The quickest way to do so is by using paper towels and a non-smear glass cleaner product. However, if you want to clean your glass thoroughly, we’d suggest 2 different methods: one for the internal glass and one for the external glass.

Cleaning Your Internal uPVC Windows

  • Using a non-smear glass cleaner, spray your entire window from top to bottom.
  • Using a soft cloth or paper towel, wipe the window thoroughly. Make sure you get right into the corners of the glass.
  • Using a new, clean soft cloth or paper towel, buff the window until the glass is completely dry.

Cleaning Your External uPVC Windows

  • Fill a bucket with warm soapy water.
  • Use a sponge to apply the water to the window. Make sure that you keep the sponge grit and grime free. Change the water regularly also to ensure best results. 
  • Thoroughly soak the sponge in the water and, starting from the top of the glass, work the sponge in circular motions to remove the dirt.
  • Once washed, use a squeegee to remove excess water from the windows by wiping the blade down the glass. 
  • Buff the window with a paper towel or soft cloth to completely dry.
  • To ensure the window is completely clean, spray it with a non-smear glass cleaner and wipe the window with a clean paper towel. Make sure you get right into the corners of the glass.
  • Grab a new paper towel and buff the window until the glass is dry. 

Additional tips:

  • Don’t clean your windows on a warm day as the sun will dry the soap too quickly and insects may ruin your efforts. Cloudy days are the optimum time for window cleaning.
  • If you don’t have time, use a professional window cleaner as windows should be cleaned regularly. 
  • Don’t use cream cleaners or harsh cleaning products. 

How to Clean uPVC Window Frames

Cleaning uPVC window frames is a little trickier than the glass. Due to the material, you’ll want to stay away from cleaning products and abrasive solvents, and scouring pads. uPVC window frames come with a gloss finish as standard so harsh products may damage or completely remove the gloss from the frame.

For cleaning your uPVC window frames, we suggest a bucket of warm soapy water and a sponge. For marks that are proving difficult to remove by using warm soapy water, you can buy specialist uPVC cleaners.

How Often Should You Clean uPVC Windows

Often, cleaning uPVC windows depends highly on the weather conditions of where you live. Although, it’s recommended that you clean your uPVC windows once a month for the internal glass and once every 4-months for the external glass. We’d advised that you aim for this time-frame however if you feel that your external glass is getting dirty quicker then aim for a shorter time-frame of 2-3months.

Maintenance of Handles and Hinges

When caring for your uPVC windows, it’s easy to forget about the 3 main features of your window; the handles, hinges and locking system. All 3 are vital for the functioning of your window and should be kept well-maintained. 

Maintaining the handles on your uPVC windows

To keep your handles well-maintained, close your window and spray the oil or WD40 into the groves surrounding the handle mechanism. For the key lock, spray a small amount of product into the lock. Put your key inside the lock and give it a bit of a wiggle to ensure that the entire lock inside has been coated.

Maintaining the hinges on your uPVC windows

For the hinges, open your window and spray a generous amount of the oil spray or WD40 onto the hinges. Gently open and close your window to ensure that the entire area of the hinges are covered. After lubricating, if you find that the hinges feel too loose, you should check for any screws that may have loose and tighten them.

Maintaining the locking system on your uPVC windows

The main locking system is the strip that you’ll find on the pane of your window when you open it. To prevent the locking system from seizing, open your window and spray the oil or WD40 onto the locking strip. Spray your product in a few short bursts to prevent oil getting on your glass.

How Often Should uPVC Windows Be Resealed?

uPVC windows rarely need to be resealed however it’s advised that you do so every 5-years. By resealing your uPVC window, you’ll prevent any potential damage from occurring in the future, all while keeping your windows looking fresh.

uPVC windows are one of the best types of material to use if you’re looking for external windows and doors that will require very little maintenance over the years. However, due to being exposed to the elements, it’s important that you apply some form of upkeep to your uPVC windows to prevent grime and dirt building up and to protect your windows from harsh weather further down the line. By applying these general cleaning tips to your uPVC windows, you’ll prolong the lifespan of your windows while keeping them clean and looking brand new.

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